Presiding over the Bay of our town is the monumental to the castle of Sant Salvador, the church of Santa Helena and the impresive monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes starting point the ” Camino de Santiago” has also concerts at night of classic music. It is required for its cultural and scenic.


Port de la Selva

El Port de la Selva has been residence and source of inspiration for writers such as Josep María de Segarra, J. Vicenç Foix and others.


Very close near the sea you can visit the picturesque town of Cadaquès known around the world where the genius Salvador Dalì museum found its home in Port Lligat.

This inspired many painters from the world and can visit a lot of exhibitions.



Figueres, capital of the region is the main shopping center where is the famous Dalì museum and the toy museum.


Festival International Music Perelada

Festival International Music Perelada will allow us to spend a nice night in the open air garden of the castle and throurgh around the historic center.



Empuries was the entrance to the peninsula greecs and romans left their mark there.


Country Town Castle of Empúries

Another place of interest is about to Castle of Empúries, country town with a gothik catedral and the historic and fantastic streets.



Camping Port de la Selva

Camping Port de la Selva